As we embark on our Department’s second half century, we strive to strike a balance between tradition and innovation, maintaining our dedication to conservatory-caliber theatrical training while embracing evolutions of thought and technology.  To that end, we are excited to welcome four new creative voices to our Drama faculty this year: Andrew Borba (Acting), Juliette Carrillo (Directing), Marcy Froehlich (Costume Design), and Dipu Gupta (Head of Scenic Design). We are also welcoming our first class into the new MFA in Music Direction, the only program of its kind on the west coast.  


Our upcoming season – entitled THEM! – explores our tendency, both as individuals and as societal groups, to separate and cast blame on “The Other.” Through a series of plays and musicals that investigate religious persecution and genocide, the castigation of physical difference, interpersonal alienation, and our xenophobic reaction to other cultures culminating in war, we examine the ways in which we so often look to identify a scapegoat rather than find mutual understanding and acceptance. It is our hope that, in addition to offering engaging theatre to the campus and broader community, we can inspire much-needed conversation on this ever more relevant topic.


We invite you to investigate the research we are doing in our classrooms and theatres through master classes, workshops, Director Class Projects, guest lectures, Main Stage season shows, and more. In the words of Founding Chairman Robert Cohen, “Theatre is the laboratory of civilization; the dreamspace where we prove the soul, dissect politics and religions, and re-enact – always with our own particular spin – the universal struggles of humankind: survival, love, ambition and reconciliation. Who would not want to spend a lifetime investigating this?”


—Dr. Daniel Gary Busby, Chair of Drama