Welcome to UC Irvine’s Department of Drama, whose mission – as stated by our founding faculty  – continues to be that of cultivating both intellectual inegrity and professional excellence. In support of this vision, we provide conservatory-level practical training within the educational framework of a Research I university, and strive to create space for the increasingly diverse voices and cultural backgrounds represented both within the academy and beyond. We seek to welcome all races and ethnicities, religions, gender identities, and sexual orientations, and remain vigilant about fostering inclusive classrooms and creative spaces.


In today’s fractured and divisive political climate, we also recognize our responsibility to give voice to the disenfranchised, and to offer and encourage work that provokes the examination of held beliefs. Theatre has the rare ability to take us on visceral journeys through the histories and emotional habitats of others; ideally, this experience will awaken audiences to new possibilities, be they ideological, aesthetic, cultural, political, or interpersonal. As we embark on our 2017 – 18 season, “The Business of Politics/The Politics of Business,” we hope that our patrons are inspired to discuss, investigate, and continue to engage in the broader community conversation.


In addition to our mainstage season, we continue to offer master classes, workshops, Director Class Projects, guest lectures, and original student work. We encourage you to remain in touch with us, to ask questions, and to give us your feedback on the work that we do. In a university full of research, we in the arts have the unique distinction of sharing what we discover in a very public way; we hope you will take that journey with us.


—Dr. Daniel Gary Busby, Chair of Drama