Michael Calcino

Michael is an Actor and Artist currently living and working in Los Angeles with his beautiful fiancee.

After completing high school in rural Colorado, Michael continued his actor training at Westminster College in Salt Lake City where he received a BFA in Acting. It was during his last years at Westminster that he was introduced to the joy of teaching and the passion for combat for film and stage. It was also around this time he decided he wanted to pursue his training further and was later accepted to train at The University of California, Irvine. Michael will receive his MFA in Acting from UCI in Spring 2018.

Michael plans to pursue further training in Akido or Shōrin-ryū and many combat certifications after graduation in tandem with his acting career. 

When Michael is not on set, stage, or training he spends time outdoors, pranking his gorgeous fiancee, cooking Italian dishes his Nonna  (his grandma) taught him, and wishing he had the living space for a large dog.