Transversal Theater Company

The social theory, aesthetics, and critical methodology of Transversal Poetics inform Transversal Theater. Like Transversal Poetics, Transversal Theater pursues comprehension of the intricate workings of a given society’s or societies’ organizing machinery -- and thus the consciousnesses that together comprise it -- in the interest of making individuals more aware of the ideational and material means by which their own subjectivity and the subjectivities (and social identities) of others have been formed, are maintained, and can change.

Transversal Theater encourages conceptual-emotional-physical movements and experiences outside of established parameters and therefore against personal and societal constraints. Such alternative thinking, feeling, and performance expand subjectivity and consciousness and create more cognizant individuals with enhanced self-empowerment. By blending typically distinct theatrical styles -- from abstract expressionism to musical surrealism -- and combining intense dramatic action with rigorous philosophical and spiritual engagement, Transversal Theater motivates audiences and actors to venture investigative-expansively and subjunctively into spacetimes that challenge determination, structures, dispositions, and systems in order to inspire learning, compassion, and evolution.

Through its art, Transversal Theater endeavors to foster productive exchange, collaboration, and community across nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures.


Fractalicious! (2012)
Lab A, University of California, Davis, November 2010; Dance
Studio 3, University of California, San Diego, October 2012;
Amsterdam Theater, September 2012; U-Theater Studio T,
Utrecht University, September 2012; University of Amsterdam Theater, March 2012.

Titus Andronicus, Utrecht (2011)
U-Theater Studio T, Utrecht University, Netherlands, September 2012.

Romeo & Juliet, Utrecht (2011)
U-Theater Studio T, Utrecht University, Netherlands, September 2011.

Macbeth, Utrecht (2010)
U-Theater Studio T, Utrecht University, Netherlands, September 2010.

The Green Knight (2010)
World Premiere, 17th Annual Festivalul International de Teatru de la Sibiu,
Cisnădioara Fortress, Romania, June 2010.

Blue Shade (2010)
Severins-Burg-Theater, Köln, Germany, May 2010.
HIGH FEST, International Performing Arts Festival, Yerevan, Armenia, October 2009.
U-Theater Studio T, Utrecht University, Netherlands, September 2009.
Amsterdam Fringe Festival (TF2), part of Dutch and Flemish National Theater Festival (TF1), Rozentheater, September 2009.

Eve’s Rapture (2009)
Hayworth Theatre, Los Angeles, May–June 2009.

Woof, Daddy (in Dutch)
Amsterdam Fringe Festival (TF2), part of Dutch and Flemish National Theater Festival (TF1),
Transversal Theater project, Melkweg Theater, September 2008.

Lumping in Fargo
12th International Shakespeare Festival, Teatr Wybrzeze, Gdansk, Poland, August 2008.
Teatr Rozrywki, Chorzow, Poland, July 2008.
Los Angeles New American Music Theatre Festival, Studio Theatre, UC Irvine, June 2008.

Blue Shade
National Theatre, Radu Stanca, Sibiu, Romania, November 2007.
National Theatre Festival, Bucharest, Romania, November 2007.
Teatr Lalek, Wroclaw, Poland, June 2007.
Teatr Modjeska, Legnica, Poland, June 2007.
Teatr 77, Lodz, Poland, May 2007.
Divadlo DISK, Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU), Prague, Czech Republic, May 2007.
Little Theatre, University of California, Irvine, May 2007.

Woof, Daddy
New York City Fringe Festival, Linhart Theatre, August 2007.
San Francisco Fringe Theatre Festival, Exit Theatre, September 2006.

Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Romania, June 2006.
The National Theatre, Cluj, Romania, May 2006.

Woof, Daddy
Rampa-Teatr Na Targowku, Warsaw, Poland, April 2005.
Teatr Kana, Szczecin, Poland, April 2005.
Teatr Polski-Malarnia, Poznan, Poland, April 2005.
Claire Trevor Theatre, University of California, Irvine, March 2005.

The Flight Theatre, Hollywood, California, July 2004.
Andrei Muresanu Theatre, Sfintu Gheorghe, Romania, June 2004.
Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Romania, June 2004.
The National Theatre, Cluj, Romania, June 2004.
Ariel Theatre, Tirgu Mures, Romania, June 2004.
Studio Theatre, University of California, Irvine, May 2004.




Contributing Artists Include:

Lonnie Alcaraz lighting designer
Adrian Alita actor
Thomas Augst actor
David Backovsky sound designer/performer
Melissa Baird actor
Keith Bangs set construction
Cynthia Bassham vocal coach
Mathieu Van Den Berk actor
Bob Boross choreographer
Richard Brestoff actor
Sara Broadhead assistant lighting designer
Adam Bryx 
Robin Buck actor
Daniel Gary Busby musical director
Katheryn Cain actor
Luke Cantarella scenic designer
Robert Cohen director
Susan Coulter stage manager
Michael Moshe Dahan film director
Henk Danner lighting designer
Christopher Dobrian composer/music production
Stephanie Draude performer
Kayla Emerson choreographer/performer
Ryan Falkner actor/storyboarder
Hosanna Fox actor
Douglas-Scott Goheen set designer
Elisha Griego lighting designer
Miguel Grilo production assistant/performer
Stacey Haggin stage manager
Andrew Heringer actor
Alex Hoffman photographer/videographer
Mike Hooker composer/sound designer
Annie Jenkins stage manager
Daniel Keegan dramaturg
Joanna Klass producer
Sam Kolodezh associate producer
Madeline Ann Kozlowski costume designer
Kevin T. Kreczko stage manager
Kris Lang actor
Marianne Langenegger choreographer
Karyn Lawrence lighting designer
Stan Limburg actor
Erik Lint video designer
Daryn Mack actor
Mercedes Manning actor

Chris Marshall director, actor
Benjamin Mathes actor
Christa Mathis actor
Lauren McCue stage manager
Stacy McKenney lighting design
Amanda McRaven director
Joseph Melita video editor
Sarah Moreau actor
Marissa Moses choreographer
Breanne R. Mowdy actor/stage manager
Ian Munro dramaturg
Lisa Naugle choreographer
Jeff Newman producer/audio designer/scenic designer
Tu Nguyen graphic designer
Olinda Larralde Ortiz performer
Cipriana Petre producer
Stephanie Philo actor
Saskia Polderman translator/actor
Bryan Reynolds playwright/director/producer
Sky Reynolds choreographer
Jeremy Rutter performer
Rachelle Schank actor
Aaron Scheer performer
Janna Segal dramaturg/assistant director
Oscar Seip producer/stage manager
Hanna Sender stage manager
Laura Simms actor
Eli Simon director
Sanne Slagman producer/production assistant
Janice Slot actor
Jessica Spaw performer
Joshua Steadman set designer
Elsa van Straaten performer
Barbara Stuyling De Lange vocal coach
Ladan Sumac sound designer/performer
Martin Swoverland actor
Alan Terricciano sound designer/performer
Phil Thompson voice/dialect coach
Vince Tycer actor
Greg Ungar stage manager/assistant director
Jason Vande Brake actor
Jeff Vowell director
Patrick Williams sound designer/performer
Sheron Wray choreographer
Guy Zimmerman director