Woof, Daddy - US

In this explosive absurdist psychological thriller, a father’s duck-hunting reunion with his son is haunted by the reckless presence of his dead dog and the mysterious vanishing of his daughter. From ocean marshlands to the capricious revelations that often determine life, Woof, Daddy tempests into a tornado of irony, desires, and hopes, reeling everything into a mad game of subterfuge. Combining styles of tragic-comedy with musical theater, magical surrealism with bestial wonder, and farce with horror, this perversity will forever change the ways you relate to dogs and the humans who love them.

New York City Fringe Festival, Linhart Theatre, August 2007. San Francisco Fringe Theatre Festival, Exit Theatre, September 2006.

Writer: Bryan Reynolds
Directed by: Amanda McRaven

Producer: Jeff Newman
Choreographer: Marissa Moses
Lighting Designer: Lonnie Alcaraz
Costume Designer: Christa Mathis
Musical Arrangements: Mike Hooker
Production Stage Manager: Breanne R. Mowdy
Stage Manager: Susan K. Coulter
Dramaturg/Rehearsal Asst: Adam Bryx
Production Assistants: Kerry Hennessy & Karyn Morton

"The Long Island Song"
Original Music and Lyrics by
Alan Terricciano & Bryan Reynolds
Composed by Mike Hooker

"Silent Spring"
Written and Performed by Patrick Williams

Richard Franklin: Jason Vande Brake
Sparkles: Mercedes Manning
Henry Franklin: Ben Mathes*
Julie/Claire Franklin: Christa Mathis

*Performing as a courtesy of the Actors Equity Association (AEA)