Music Direction - Current Students

Timothy Fletcher

Trevor Bourland

Trevor P. Bourland is a music director, composer, and vocalist originally from Phoenix, AZ. He received a Bachelor of Music for Composition with an emphasis in Vocal Studies from the University of Arizona in 2021, where he studied under composer Daniel Asia, exploring his passion for modern avant-garde music while pursuing musical theatre music direction under Jamie Reed at Arizona Repertory Theater.

Sain Leyva

I was born in 1998 in Puebla, Mexico. My interest in music started at the age of four when I watched a violin player in person for the first time. A few days later I started to take violin lessons and took part of a small children’s orchestra. When I turned 13, I discovered the clarinet and immediately felt a strong attraction to its sound, thus, I decided to adopt it as my new instrument and received classes in the same orchestra. During my years as a clarinetist, I developed a great enthusiasm for conducting and really considered it as possible career path. Time went by, and sooner than I thought, it was time to get into college. I successfully auditioned for a full scholarship at UDLAP to major in Music and become an orchestra conductor. From my first semester, I took conducting and piano classes. Additionally, I played the clarinet in the university’s orchestra as part of my duties as a scholarship recipient. Each year, the orchestra offered several concerts and was present in various events including musical theatre projects which I enjoyed very particularly and made passioned about the mix of music, theatre, and dance. Finally, on my senior year, I was given the great honor to conduct the orchestra in the play All Shook Up. Currently, I’m getting ready to start the M.F.A in Music Direction program at the UCI.