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Welcome to the Drama Department’s Open Call Announcement Website!


New Students: Auditions for the full academic year are in the fall at what we refer to as "Mega-Auditions," or "Megas."   During Megas, students have the opportunity to audition for all the directors of the season as well as the graduate student directors who will be directing several drama classroom projects throughout the school year. This is your opportunity to show the entire drama department your skill set and talent.  Everyone is always highly encouraged to audition--regardless of any perceived chance of success--because:

  1. An audition is your chance to show the director what they need
  2. It gets you in front of several directors who will be auditioning for future roles down the line
  3. Auditioning is a very important skill to practice

Before you audition, please make sure to read all of the following information about the 2020-2021 Season, Audition Schedule, and any Preparation Materials.  


At this time, all UCI 2020-2021 prodcutions are planned as Digital Productions or Zoom Events until otherwise cleared by both UCI Officials and State and Local Health Officials. "Presentation" (performance) weeks are also subject to change. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we plan for virtual productions.  


FALL 2020

The Jubilee and Me:
Songs I Never Got To Sing
Directed by Karole Foreman
Musical Direction by Leslie Wickham 
A Digital Production

PreProduction - Current
First Formal Rehearsal - October 6th
Tech-Production - Weeks 5/6
Presentation - February 12th




She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms
Directed by Beth Lopes
A Zoom Event

PreProduction - Current
First Formal Rehearsal - October 19th
Tech-Production - Weeks 8/9
Presentation - December 5th




Fall Discovery Series: Twelfth Night Directed by Andrew Borba and Phil Thomson

DCPs | Script Presentations as Radio Plays | Various Zoom Events






Human Error
Directed by Jane Page
A Zoom Event

PreProduction - Fall 2020
Rehearsal - Weeks 3-8
Tech-Production - Weeks 8/9
Presentation - Week 9/10


Winter Discovery Series: Detroit 67  Directed by Margaret Kemp 

First Year Graduate Project | DCPs | Script Presentations as Radio Plays | Various Zoom Events



Resiliance, Resistance, Radiance
Directed by Julliette Carillo
A Zoom Event

PreProduction - Winter 2021
Rehearsal - Winter Finals Week - Spring Week3
Tech-Production - Weeks 3/4
Presentation - Week 4/5



El Henry
Directed by Herbert Siguenza
A Digital Workshop

PreProduction - Winter 2021
Production - Weeks 1-3


Directed by Andrew Palermo
A Digital Workshop

Production - Weeks 1-10
Presentation - Week 10


Spring Discovery Series: Gilgamesh (parts 1 and 2) Directed by Annie Loui

Shakespeare Shorts Festival | DCPs | Script Presentations as Radio Plays | Various Zoom Events



To be considered for a role for any of the shows above, you must submitt all of your Audition Materials to according to the Audition Schedule. 


Links to Visit:

For more information on each show, see the 2020-2021 Season Information page.

For information about what to prepare, see Audition Preparation page. 

For more information about Audition Schedule and Submissions, see Audition Schedule page. 


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