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Welcome to the Drama Department’s Open Call Website!


New Students: Auditions for the full academic year take place in the fall at what we refer to as "Mega Auditions," or "Megas." During Megas, students have the opportunity to audition for all the directors of the main stage season as well as the graduate student directors who will be directing several Drama Classroom Projects (DCPs) throughout the school year.  This is your opportunity to show the entire drama department your skill set and talent.  Everyone is highly encouraged to audition--regardless of any perceived chance of success--because:

  1. Auditioning is a very important skill to practice
  2. An audition is your chance to show the directors your unique skill set
  3. It gets you in front of several directors who will be auditioning for future roles down the line

Megas are important for your entire career at UCI. This is the first place Faculty, Graduate Actors, and Graduate Directors will see your work, whom will be casting their own projects throughout the year.

Below is information about our season and how to sign-up for an audition time. Before you audition, please make sure to read all of the following information about the 2021-22 Season. To be considered for a role for any of the shows you must attend the Mega Auditions.

Production Schedules for each production can be found on the UCI Drama Digital Callboard.


Fall 2021


Audio Theater

Co-Produced by:  Cynthia Bassham & Vincent Olvieri

Claire Trevor Theatre

Rehearsals Begin: September 29th

Show Opens: November 11th 

Show Closes: November 13th


Winter 2022


Rebecca Oaxaca Lays Down a Bunt

Directed by: Eli Simon   

Claire Trevor Theatre

Rehearsals Begin: November 22nd

Show Opens: January 29th

Show Closes: February 6th



The Seagull

Directed by: Summer Session  

Claire Trevor Theatre Stage

Rehearsals Begin: January 10th 

Show Opens: March 5th

Show Closes: March 13th


Spring 2022


The Effect

Directed by: Chloe King

Robert Cohen Theatre

Rehearsals Begin: February 21st

Show Opens: April 23rd

Show Closes: May 1st


Into the Woods

Directed by: Don Hill

Claire Trevor Theatre

Rehearsals Begin: April 23rd

Show Opens: June 1st

Show Closes: June 5th

Sign-up for an Audition Time:
Sign-ups for Audition Times are no longer available.
Audition sign-ups occur on a first come, first serve basis. You are expected to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled audition time in order to sign in and turn in your required audition materials. 
To sign-up please use the links below to sign up, you must complete both:
A sign-up for Audition Slot Sign Ups
A form to submit Audition Paperwork submission
Links to Visit:
For more information about the Audition and Callback Schedule, see Mega Audition Schedule page. 
For information about what to prepare, see Audition Preparation page. 
For more information on each show, see the 2021-2022 Season Information page.
For information on the Welcome Week Schedule and Music Theatre Workshop Auditions see CTSA Welcome Week page.
Direct all questions to Audition Coordinator Jake Arpaia at