Lonnie Alcaraz lalcaraz@uci.edu Professor of Lighting Design
Head of Lighting Design, Associate Head of Design
Cynthia Bassham cbassham@uci.edu Professor of Teaching, Acting
Head of Undergraduate Acting, Associate Head of Acting
Andrew Borba alborba@uci.edu Associate Professor of Acting
Head of Acting
Richard Brestoff brestoff@uci.edu Professor of Acting
Juliette Carrillo juliette.carrillo@uci.edu Associate Professor of Directing
Head of Directing
Myrona DeLaney mldelane@uci.edu Professor of Teaching, Music Theatre
Head of Music Theatre
Efren Delgadillo Jr. efrend1@uci.edu Assistant Professor of Scene Design
Head of Scene Design
Zachary Dietz zdietz@uci.edu Assistant Professor of Teaching, Music Theatre
Music Theatre
Holly Poe Durbin hdurbin@uci.edu Professor of Costume Design
Head of Costume Design, Head of Design
Marcia (Marcy) Froehlich mgfroehl@uci.edu Associate Professor of Costume Design
Don Hill donhill@uci.edu Chair, Department of Drama; Professor of Teaching, Stage Management
Season Producer, Co-Head of Stage Management
Michael Hooker mhooker@uci.edu Professor of Sound Design
Head of Sound Design
Daniel Keeling dkeeling@uci.edu Assistant Professor of Teaching
Music Theatre
Anthony Kubiak akubiak@uci.edu Professor of Doctoral Studies
Daphne Lei dlei@uci.edu Professor of Doctoral Studies
Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs - Claire Trevor School of the Arts, Director of UCI Illuminations
Tiffany Ana López Claire Trevor Dean of the Arts and Professor
Annie Loui amloui@uci.edu Professor of Acting
Mihai Maniutiu mmaniuti@uci.edu Distinguished Professor of Drama
Ph.D., National University of Theatre and Cinema, Bucharest
Ian Munro imunro@uci.edu Professor of Doctoral Studies
Head of Doctoral Studies
Vincent Olivieri olivieri@uci.edu Professor of Sound Design
Graduate Advisor for M.F.A. Sound Design Program, Equity Advisor
Andrew Palermo palermoa@uci.edu Professor of Music Theatre Choreography/Dance
Music Theatre
Zachary Price zachary.price@uci.edu Associate Professor of Doctoral Studies
Bryan Reynolds bryan.reynolds@uci.edu Distinguished Professor / Claire Trevor Professor
Performance Activism Worldwide, Shakespeare, Renaissance Drama, Critical Theory, Transversal Poetics, Feminist Theory, Performance Theory, Cultural Studies, Postmodernism, Extreme Sports
Tara Rodman rodmant@uci.edu Assistant Professor of Doctoral Studies
Eli Simon esimon@uci.edu Chancellor's Professor of Drama
Jaymi Lee Smith jaymis@uci.edu Professor of Lighting Design
Associate Dean for Student Success - UCI Graduate Division
Philip Thompson pthompso@uci.edu Professor of Acting
Associate Chair, in Charge of Digital Media and Promotions
Joel Veenstra j.veenstra@uci.edu Professor of Teaching, Stage Management
Vice Chair, Department of Drama, Co-Head of Stage Management