Annie Loui in the Press

New York Times
In the Grace of the World
 director/creator inter-media production for the Orchestra of St Lukes
"St. Luke's, in its own version of the much-bruited notion of finding ways to reach new audiences, successfully harnessed the moviegoing idea on Saturday night . . . And when the lights came up, it was like waking from a dream.”

Backstage, NYC
Moose Mating director/choreographer
Critics Best Bets of the Year (directing) commendation

LA Times
Baltimore Waltz director
Best Production of the Year award
War to End War director and choreographer
“If there were more smart theater like this, more smart people would go to see theater”

OC Weekly
Counter-Balance Theater Artistic Director
“Best of 2013” commendation

LA arts examiner
The Dwarf adapter/director (for Counter-Balance Theater)
“Best Ensemble of 2012” commendation

OC Weekly
Fetes de la Nuit director and choreographer
Best Play of 2007 commendation
"Vibrant and exhilaratingly alive, this deeply personal portrait shows us the city, warts and all: rude black-vested waiters, elaborate food, sultry chanteuses, lots and lots of Gauloises cigarettes, Edith Piaf, ornate French storytelling, the grittier aesthetics of sex, the Eiffel Tower, bicycle shorts, fashion shows, performance art, the country's simmering racism, and Yves Montand all make appearances . . . Director Annie Loui stages all of this to great effect . . . It's really a damn shame UC Irvine's production of Fetes de la Nuit is only staged for two weekends because this is one of the first plays I've seen in a long time that would easily bear up under repeated viewings. Like a single trip to Paris, you simply won't understand everything, but you go anyway.”

Orange County Register 
The Almond Seller director, West Coast premiere
"Director Loui deploys elements of magic realism with an often-thrilling theatricality, and she has washed the production with a kind of Brechtian comic tone that prevents things from becoming too cumbersome. This is theater that's both intellectually stimulating and entertaining.”

Love of Three Oranges, 2002

Love of Three Oranges director 
“No matter what your depth of theatrical experience, it’s doubtful that you’ve witnessed anything like Love of Three Oranges at UC Irvine. This comic fairy tale fantasy has been streamlined into a kaleidescope of comedy, color and movement. Especially movement, where the efforts of director, Annie Loui who also serves as choreographer, are particularly in evidence…..Three oranges is what you might expect had Stephen Sondheim dropped a little acid before writing “Into the Woods”

Orange County Register
Hansel and Gretel director 
“The opera is a charming mix of high spirits and creative stagecraft.. Director Annie Loui deserves credit for making an event out of what could have been just another precious bedtime story”

New York Magazine
Amercian Clock choreographer
“Arthur Miller’s American Clock, revived by Signature Theater, is a cross-section of American depression-era vignettes….and things are under control, especially Annie Loui’s effective stylized group moves.”

Arabian Nights, 2005

Backstage, NYC
Moose Mating director and choreographer
“the parts are more than the sum. The work is as much dance piece as play, and praise for the evenings successes must be shared with director Annie Loui, whose bio lists numerous choreography credits.”

LA Times 
Nosferatu adaptor and director
"spectacular mix of theater and F W Murnau's Dracula-themed silent film"

Big Love director and choreographer
“At UCI director Annie Louis has fashioned a highly attractive, deliciously spirited production...Big Love takes the proverbial battle of the sexes to a new, literal plane with a rollicking slapstick touch...It’s a splendid melding of ancient and modern theater”

Orange County Register
Nosferatu director 
“One of the most impressive achievements here is the way Loui choreographs our attention, directing it back and forth between the screen and stage with a minimum of intrusion of one medium on the other”

Irvine World News
The Arabian Nights director 
"The Arabian Nights proves as charming and beguiling as the Persian culture where these stories originated, thanks to Loui’s spirited direction.”