Doctoral Faculty

Department of Drama Faculty

Stephen Barker, Ph.D., University of Arizona;
Professor, and Dean, Claire Trevor School of the Arts; Executive Director, UCI Museum and Institute for California Art: Performance Theory, Poststructural Theory, Beckett, Para- and Postmodern Theatre, Critical Literacy.

Ketu H. Katrak, Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College;
Professor: Ancient Sanskrit Theatre, African and Black Diaspora Drama, Feminist Critical Theory, Performance Theory.

Anthony Kubiak, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee;
Professor: American and Modern Drama, Critical Theory, Philosophy, Shamanism and Performance, Buddhism and Theatre.

Daphne Lei, Ph.D., Tufts University;
Professor, and Head of Doctoral Studies: Chinese opera and performance, Asian American Theatre, Intercultural performance, transnational, diasporic, gender and ethnic studies, transpacific studies.

Ian Munro, Ph.D., Harvard University;
Associate Professor: European Drama and Performance, Early Modern Popular Culture, Theatrical Performance of Wit.

Zachary Price, Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barabra;
Assistant Professor: African American drama and performance, Black cultural production, Afro Asian performance and aesthetics, performance and community, liberation studies.

Bryan Reynolds, Ph.D., Harvard University;
Professor: Shakespeare, Renaissance Drama, Critical Theory, Transversal Poetics, Feminist Theory, Performance Theory, Cultural Studies.

Tara Rodman, Ph.D. Northwestern University;
Assistant Professor: Modern Theatre, Performance, and Dance; Japanese performance; Transnationalism; Racial and Ethnic Formation; Global Asias; Comparative Modernisms.

Professor Emeritus

David McDonald, Ph.D., Stanford University;
Professor Emeritus: Dramatic Theory, Irish Drama, Theatre History, Playwriting.

Janelle Reinelt, Ph.D., Stanford University;
Professor Emeritus: Political Theory and Performance.

Robert Weimann, Ph.D., Humboldt University (Berlin);
Professor Emeritus: Shakespeare, Critical Theory, Modern German Theatre.


UCSD Faculty

Julie Burelle, Ph.D., University of California, San Diego; 
Assistant Professor: Native American and First Nation Theatre; Theatre History and Theory

Jade Power-Sotomayor, Ph.D., University of California, San Diego;
Assistant Professor:  Latinx theatre, inter-cultural performance in the Latin Caribbean diaspora, epistemologies of body, and intersections between race, gender and language.

Emily Roxworty, Ph.D., Northwestern University;
Associate Professor: Asian/American Theatre, Performance Studies, critical race and gender studies, applied theatre.

Professor Emeritus

Jim Carmody, Ph.D., Stanford University;
Associate Professor: French Theatre, Critical Theory, Co-Editor of Theatre Forum.

Jorge Huerta, Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara;
Professor Emeritus: Chicano Theatre, US Latino Theatre.

Marianne McDonald, Ph.D., University of California, Irvine;
Professor Emeritus: Ancient Greek and Roman Drama and their Modern Versions, Irish Drama, Japanese Drama.

John Rouse, Ph.D., Stanford University;
Associate Professor Emeritus: Modern and Contemporary European Theatre, Bertolt Brecht, Critical Theory.

Janet Smarr, Ph.D., Princeton University;
Professor: Late Middle Ages and Renaissance, especially in Italy and France, Women’s Studies and Literary Theory.