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How to Prepare

The most important thing to prepare for your audition is your audition material. We recommend that you select material that you are familiar with and can perform well. Students must prepare two contrasting monologues, such as a comedic and a dramatic monologue, and each may be classical or contemporary at the student's discretion. 

For those who wish to sing, you may also present 16 bars of a song. There will be an accompanist there to play piano. If you are auditioning for either musical, acapella singing or recorded accompaniment will not be allowed, so please make sure you bring your sheet music with you.  If you are singing for Hoodoo Lovethe director requests that you sing acapella.

The total time allotted for each actor is two minutes, or two minutes and thirty seconds if you are singing.  (Grad actors are alloted 3 minutes). Actors will be cut off if they run over time. You will be timed from the moment you finish slating your name.

Audition material may be from one or more shows in the UC Irvine Drama season, but you may also use material from other sources.

We recommend that you dress in the professional attire that may impress the directors for the role or roles you’re particularly interested in.

If you have an emergency that causes you to be late to your appointment, or you would like to request to cancel/reschedule your audition time, please text/call Bradley Zipser, Graduate Stage Manager, at (949) 300-4731. You must include your full name, date and original audition time in your message for proper identification. 

We cannot guarantee a rescheduled appointment, however, we will make best efforts to accommodate you.

Audition Paperwork

It is imperative that you prepare your audition paperwork. Each student must fill out an audition form: 2019-2020 Audition Form

For the audition, you will need to bring EIGHT COPIES of the audition form and EIGHT COPIES of your headshot and resume.
You will not be able to audition without complete paperwork. Plan to arrive at your audition early to check your paperwork with a stage manager.

Casting information for Company

Casting information for Hoodoo Love

Casting information for The Penelopiad

Casting information for Living Out

Casting information for The Book of Will

Casting information for Hands on a Hard Body

Please staple your paperwork together in the following order: 

•Your completed audition form
•Your resume
•Your headshot facing backwards (so that your headshot is attached to the back of your resume).

Please be aware that a photo will be taken of you for the callboard in the Drama Office, following your audition.

Direct all questions to Bradley Zipser at