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CASTING NOTICE: Human Error by Eric Pfeffinger | Directed by Jane Page | For the role of "Keenan" 

Please submit a one (1) minute contemporary monolouge to by 10:00pm on Saturday, Novemeber 28th. More information HERE

Keenan and his wife Madelyn are Liberal “NPR listening” couple
Keenan. 30’s, Madelyn’s husband,  any ethnicity, charming, a bit “buttoned-up”, an academic who researches comedy in an “institute”, successful in his work, wants to keep everything reasonable and calm, he’s a mediator and polite.  “Words matter”. Wants everyone to get along…

Human Error script linked HERE. 


Please note auditions for the Ensemble of JUNK:A Rock Opera will take place in Winter 2021. 


What to Prepare

The most important thing to prepare for your audition is your audition material. We recommend that you select material that you are familiar with and can perform well. We also recommend that you dress in the professional attire that may impress the directors for the role or roles you’re particularly interested in.

Students must prepare two (2) contrasting monologues, such as a comedic and a dramatic monologue, and each may be classical or contemporary at the student's discretion. 

For those who wish to be considered for a musical prodcution and choose to sing (in addition to your two contrasting monoluges), length of song cut may be one (1) minute. If you choose to sing as part of your audition, please sing FIRST. 

Audition material may be from one or more shows in the UC Irvine Drama season, but you may also use material from other sources.  


Self-Taped Auditions 

Please tape your audition in landscape mode, NOT portrait. 

Send ONE (1) video, no longer than three (3) minutes TOTAL. 

Youtube links will not be accepted. Please send your audition video as an attachment OR via Google Drive / Dropbox (be sure to make it public when sharing). 

Please label your video as "Last Name - Audition Video" 


Self Taping Advice - Click HERE

AEA Taping Resources - Click HERE! 


Audition Paperwork

It is imperative that you prepare and label your audition paperwork clearly and professionaly. Each student must complete a UCI Audition Form, provide a Resume, and provide a Headshot.

Please lable your documents as follows: 

  • "Last Name - Audition Form"
  • "Last Name - Resume" 
  • "Last Name - Headshot" 

Some ways to complete the Audition Form:

  • Adobe Acrobat (Fillabe PDF)
  • DocHub
  • Print and Scan (be sure to write clearly) 


Additional Information 

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Direct all questions to Kyrsten Goodrich at