Honors in Drama


The Honors in Drama is a designation designed to recognize the generalist undergraduate Drama student, one who has chosen to focus on breadth in their education as opposed to depth in one area. Such students are often ineligible to be considered for Honors in a specific area (Acting, Design, etc.), and the Honors in Drama designation is a recognition of the high quality of scholarship and work that the student has accomplished within the Department.

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Minimum Requirements for Consideration

* At least one year in good standing as a Drama Major

* Anticipated graduation date within one year of application.

* Not currently receiving any other Honors through the Drama Department

* Completion of at least 3 upper division courses, spanning at least three areas (Acting, Directing, Design, Stage Management, Music Direction, Dramaturgy, or Literature/Theory/Criticism)

* Minimum 3.2 GPA at UCI.  Minimum 3.4 GPA in UCI Drama courses.

* Completed participation in at least five UCI Drama mainstage, director class projects, or faculty-mentored productions as Cast, Designer, Stage Manager, Dramaturg, Crew Chief, Assistant Director, Assistant Designer, or Assistant Stage Manager (Drama 100, 198, or 199)

* Completion of four 101 units.


Application Process

* Student must have a faculty recommender

* Student may apply directly, or faculty members may nominate.

* Completion of Honors in Drama application form

* Presentation of resume/CV/dossier/portfolio to faculty for review

* Applications are due on the first day of spring quarter

* After reviewing the application and resume/CV/dossier/portfolio, the Area Heads will vote on admissions to the Honors in Drama program. A simple majority is required to make the award. In the event of a tie, the chair shall cast the deciding vote.


Criteria for Selection

* Demonstrated commitment and contributions to UCI Drama productions and scholarship that spans multiple areas of the Department, including Acting, Directing, Design, Stage Management, Music Direction, Dramaturgy, Literature/Theory/Criticism, Producing, Technical Production, and/or Playwrighting

* Demonstrated commitment and contributions to UCI Drama’s culture, including issues of leadership, diversity, and/or mentorship.



* Honors in Drama designation on official transcript


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