Clownzilla: A Love Story

Arezzo International Theatre Festival, 2007
Antifeatro, Arezzo, Italy
Laterina, Italy

Featuring UC Irvine actors trained in Simon Clowning Technique:
Adrian Alita, Betsy Mugavero, Adrienne Mueller, RJ Romero, and Dane Svenningsenn

Directed by Eli Simon
Original Music and Sound Design by Mike Hooker

Set Design: Chris Hansen
Costume Design: Jessica Champagne
Stage Manager: Alexander Arthur Phillips

CLOWNZILLA: A Love Story received its world premiere at Rude Guerilla Theatre in Santa Ana before touring to Italy.

The zany adventures of two outcast clowns – a boy and a girl – who struggle to find true love in the cruel world of hip, high-status red-nose performers, CLOWNZILLA: A Love Story is bought to life in a black and white world inspired by Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Our plucky heroes have a message for our modern times: laugh until your sides ache but never underestimate the triumphant spirit of total dorks.

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