The Green Knight

What is a soldier? What are ethics? What is code? What is terrorism?

Through an ironic representation of a modernized version of chivalry, The Green Knight tells a story about bravado, xenophobia, and sociocultural codes that questions motivations and tenets underlying both "the war on terror" and the war on the United States or Western "infidels" as it presents challenges to conventional notions of being a good soldier, honor, and marriage vis-à-vis primal desires.

Director: Bryan Reynolds
Assistant Director: Jeffrey Lo
Lighting Designer: Lonnie Rafael Alcaraz
Musical Director: Daniel Gary Busby
Choreographer: Lisa Naugle
Assistant Choreographer: Kim Loveridge
Composer: Mike Hooker
Music Producer: Mike Hooker
Sound Designer: Mike Hooker
Scenic Design: Jeanine Nicholas
3D Animator/Computer Programmer: Alex Sacui
Multifaceted Support: Keith Bangs
Stage Manager: Lauren McCue
Assistant Stage Manager: Annie Jenkins
Costume Design: Melody Brocious
Costume Design: Caitlin Cisek

Chris Marshall: GAWAIN
Kayla Emerson: LIZ
Jessica Spaw: GUINEVERE
Jeromy Rutter: KING ARTHUR
Richard Brestoff: THE GREEN KNIGHT (voice)
Dominique Moore: HUTU GIRL SOLDIER

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The Green Knight (Dragon excerpt):
The Green Knight (Hutu Warrior):