Early Audition for Fall 2024
Open Call for UCI Students

Auditions: Friday, May 10th, 6-11pm

Callbacks: Friday, May 17th, 6-11pm

Please contact PSM Logan Brubaker ( if you have any questions about the process.

Early Casting for the Roles of:


Show Schedule
Runs Fall 2024 Week 8
in the Irvine Barclay Theatre

Rehearsals start Wednesday, October 2
Tech/Dress Rehearsals: November 11-20 (nothing on the 17th)
*Tech Rehearsal Scheduled on Veteran's Day, November 11

Thursday, November 21 @7:30pm
Friday, November 22 @8pm
Saturday, November 23 @2pm and 8pm
Sunday, November 24 @2pm

Show Information

Hilarious pop musical celebrating female friendship. A salute to corporate sisterhood and workplace revenge! Three women - an overworked office manager, a jilted wife, and an objectified secretary - conspire to depose their smarmy boss. The goal - to make their workplace a better environment for all. More Information Found Here.

Content Notice:

We will be working from the premise that, while this original story was brought to film in the 1980's, the issues are ongoing in the 2020's. We will explore together how to accurately develop our own story of women's treatment in the workplace. We will find our unique manner of sharing this fun-loving and yet unnerving story together through our rehearsal process.

There will be a consent form attached to the audition form that we encourage you to fill out.

Casting Show Information & Audition Requirements
Click the Show Title to see the Casting Show Information
*All casting information is subject to change*

Mini Mega Auditions General Info

*Subject to Change*

Auditions: Friday, May 10th, 6-11pm

Callbacks: Friday, May 17th, 6-11pm

Students need to arrive 30 minutes prior to their audition time slot for Check-in and Audition Briefing.

If you have an emergency that causes you to be late to your scheduled audition time OR if you need to request to reschedule or cancel your audition time, please email Logan Brubaker, Production Stage Manager, at or at 925-699-4771. Please include your full name, date, and original audition time in your message for proper identification.

Callbacks will be announced via email from Stage Management and posted on the call-board near the Drama Office/across from the Green Room Café once they are available.

What to Prepare (Review All Information Below)
The most important thing to prepare for your audition is your audition material. We recommend that you select material that you are familiar with and can perform well. We also recommend that you dress in professional audition attire.
Students must sing a 32-bar (one minute) up-tempo music theatre pop song (1980-2000).
-Non-musical theatre songs from this era in the style of the show are welcome.
-No accents or riffing.
-No songs from the show please.
-Consider songs that contain:
  • 80's-like mix style
  • Straight tone
  • No heavy belt
  • Playful / Fun

Your auditions song is meant to let us see who YOU are in this moment.

Bring sheet music in your key. Music must be:

  • in a 3-ring binder
  • taped on the bottom corners back to front
  • marked intro, vocal, end
The total time allotted for your audition is your one minute song.
Please note we will be taking your picture as well for archival and casting purposes as well.
Audition Paperwork
Each student must: 
  1. Sign up for an Audition Slot.
  2. Download and Complete a UCI Audition Form.
  3. Provide a Headshot and Resume.
  4. Submit items 2 and 3 digitally through a completed Digital Mega Audition Submission Form and bring hard copies to their audition (You need to be signed in with your UCI email to access the submission form).

It is imperative that you prepare and label your audition paperwork clearly and professionally.

If you have not submitted your materials by 5pm on Thursday, May 9th,
you cannot check in or audition until you do so.

For the Auditions:

Bring TWO HARD COPIES of your Audition Form, Headshot, and Resume.
You will NOT be able to audition without complete paperwork. 

Plan to arrive 30 minutes early to your scheduled audition time to check your paperwork with a stage manager. 

Please staple your materials together in the following order: 
1. Your Headshot
2. Your Resume (facing backwards, so it is back to back with your headshot)
3. Your completed Audition Form (facing the same way as your headshot)