August is CTSA Alumni Appreciation Month

August is Alumni Appreciation Month at the UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts. Join us as we honor and express gratitude for our talented alumni. Throughout August, we will spotlight the remarkable achievements of our former students on our social media channels. Each week will be dedicated to a unique theme, allowing the community to delve into the diverse accomplishments of our ARTeaters.


The month-long event provides an opportunity to showcase the outstanding success stories of our graduates who have excelled in various artistic fields. From renowned performers gracing international stages to influential visual artists leaving their mark on the world, the achievements of our CTSA alumni are nothing short of awe-inspiring.


To engage with this celebration of talent and creativity, we encourage alumni, current students, faculty, and the public to follow the CTSA social media accounts. Be sure to connect on Instagram @ctsa_ucirvine and Facebook @ctsa.ucirvine to read the captivating stories of our alumni and how they've made a significant impact in the arts and entertainment industry.


The Alumni Appreciation Month promises to be an engaging experience filled with inspiring anecdotes, fascinating career journeys, and a sense of pride in the achievements of CTSA alumni. As the month unfolds, viewers can expect to see the depth and diversity of talent nurtured by our school.


For all the CTSA alumni out there, this month serves as an invitation to reconnect with your alma mater. We encourage former students to explore the opportunities available through the dedicated alumni page ( By sharing your latest accomplishments and updates, alumni can stay connected and continue contributing to the thriving arts community at CTSA.


So, join in the festivities, and let's celebrate the incredible journey of the UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts alumni this August! Whether you're a former ARTeater or a passionate supporter of the arts, this month will fill you with inspiration and appreciation for the incredible artistic contributions made by CTSA graduates.