Lonnie Alcaraz lalcaraz@uci.edu Professor of Lighting Design
Head of Lighting Design, Associate Head of Design
Cynthia Bassham cbassham@uci.edu Professor of Teaching, Acting
Head of Undergraduate Acting, Associate Head of Acting
Andrew Borba alborba@uci.edu Associate Professor of Acting
Co-Head of Acting
Richard Brestoff brestoff@uci.edu Professor of Acting
Juliette Carrillo juliette.carrillo@uci.edu Associate Professor of Directing
Co-Head of Directing
Myrona DeLaney mldelane@uci.edu Professor of Teaching, Music Theatre
Head of Music Theatre
Efren Delgadillo Jr. efrend1@uci.edu Assistant Professor of Scene Design
Head of Scene Design
Zachary Dietz zdietz@uci.edu Assistant Professor of Teaching, Music Theatre
Holly Poe Durbin hdurbin@uci.edu Professor of Costume Design
Head of Costume Design, Head of Design
Marcia (Marcy) Froehlich mgfroehl@uci.edu Associate Professor of Costume Design
Don Hill donhill@uci.edu Chair, Department of Drama; Professor of Teaching, Stage Management
Season Producer, Co-Head of Stage Management
Michael Hooker mhooker@uci.edu Professor of Sound Design
Head of Sound Design
Daniel Keeling dkeeling@uci.edu Assistant Professor of Teaching
Music Theatre
Anthony Kubiak akubiak@uci.edu Professor of Doctoral Studies
Daphne Lei dlei@uci.edu Professor of Doctoral Studies
Head of Doctoral Studies, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Director, UCI Illuminations
Tiffany Ana López Dean, Claire Trevor School of the Arts and Claire Trevor Professor
Annie Loui amloui@uci.edu Professor of Acting
Co-Head of Acting
Mihai Maniutiu mmaniuti@uci.edu Distinguished Professor of Drama
Ph.D., National University of Theatre and Cinema, Bucharest
Ian Munro imunro@uci.edu Associate Professor of Doctoral Studies
Vincent Olivieri olivieri@uci.edu Professor of Sound Design
Graduate Advisor for M.F.A. Sound Design Program
Andrew Palermo palermoa@uci.edu Professor of Music Theatre Choreography/Dance
Zachary Price zachary.price@uci.edu Assistant Professor of Doctoral Studies
Bryan Reynolds bryan.reynolds@uci.edu Chancellor’s Professor / Claire Trevor Professor
Performance Activism Worldwide, Shakespeare, Renaissance Drama, Critical Theory, Transversal Poetics, Feminist Theory, Performance Theory, Cultural Studies, Postmodernism, Extreme Sports
Tara Rodman rodmant@uci.edu Assistant Professor of Doctoral Studies
Eli Simon esimon@uci.edu Chancellor's Professor of Drama
Jaymi Lee Smith jaymis@uci.edu Professor of Lighting Design
Philip Thompson pthompso@uci.edu Professor of Acting
Associate Chair, in Charge of Digital Media and Promotions
Joel Veenstra j.veenstra@uci.edu Professor of Teaching, Stage Management
Vice Chair, Department of Drama, Co-Head of Stage Management